HEADS / TAILS has been a journey. I came into the studio and stood before the amazing artists of Cocodaco and asked them to trust more than reason or common sense may have been telling them to allow. I asked us to be bold and to be fearless, to be available and receptive to change. I asked them to stand with me and reshape our vision and share our dreams. We decided to be foolish, we carried our hurt, happiness,  loss, love, and we decided to take one last glance at what was familiar and head into the unknown.
This is the offspring of those decisions. The first of many times you will hear us, a group of artists who have decide we will no longer whisper, but roar. So now I ask you to do the same. Join us, stay with us. Trust in us and trust in our ART. There is power in numbers, there is power in our community; you the individual, wield a great deal of that power. Let's go beyond our wildest dreams!

HEADS / TAILS interview with Dancer Music

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Video made by Daniel Williams of Mad Motus Productions

Video made by Daniel Willaims of Mad Motus Productions