There was greatness in the founder of CoCoDaCo Dance Project.  Ronn Stewart's greatness was a force that is mirrored in each of us. We can recognize it in the artists he hand selected and equally in the community of people who've been touched by his vision.

Through a friendship lasting nearly 10 years, I had the privilege to create, dance, laugh, travel, and dream with Ronn. From Moving People Dance Santa Fe to a duet that was presented by 'Ronn Stewart and Dancers' before his spontaneous decision to change mid-show to CoCoDaCo, there is a depth of history we shared. This is only one story within this house. We each hold an epic tale.

We head into the future without our founder and, excuse my frankness, it's F***ed up! But we do have a future! I can not create the company Ronn dreamed of, I apologize for that. I ask you however, to help us build a company we will be proud of. 

HEADS / TAILS is, in many ways, radically different than anything CoCoDaCo has yet presented. In just as many ways we hope you recognize familiarity. 

Our third year closes with two programs which show our dedication to the future of our company and the community that supports us.

 I am thankful for the incredible dancers of Cocodaco, our diligent board, and the many and ever growing number of people who support us. Enjoying the closing performances of our third season and continue with us into the years that lie ahead. 

With Love,
David Maurice